First Principal’s Message For February 2017



The January 2017 Meeting came off very well, as it was my first meeting as 1st. Principal, I was very appreciative of all the support and help I received. The attendance was good with twelve Tzouhalem members and six Visitors from Columbia #1, Majuba and Pacific Rim.

REC Alex Muir, Grand Superintendent Dist. #1, attended and installed REC Danny Dyke as Director of Ceremonies and EC John Fenmore-Collins as Scribe Nehemiah and Historian. Unfortunately REC Dick Nesbitt could not be installed as Tyler due to pressing family commitments, but we will take care of that bit of business soonest. Our newest Companion, Brad Galavan was presented with his Royal Arch Certificate and EC Art Graff was presented his Past 1st. Principals’ Jewel. The Past Grand Superintendent Dist. #1, REC Doug Watson was present to receive his Past Grand Superintendents’ Jewel Sash and Apron. This was partially accomplished with the presentation of the Jewel, but the Apron and Sash were deferred to a later date as they were unavailable for the meeting.

In business arising the new Chapter By-Laws were adopted and are now in force. MEC Norm McEvoy gave a brief lecture on the History of Royal Arch Masonry and stressed that there is absolutely no doubt that The Holy Royal Arch is the Completion of the Master Mason Degree and essential in assisting every Brother in the completion of his “Personal Spiritual Journey”.

As a follow-up and reminder, REC Alex Muir re-stated that it is correct and approved that all Companions can and should wear their Royal Arch Jewel (on the Right Breast) when attending Craft Lodge. This not only identifies you as a Royal Arch Companion, but is a subtle advertisement for MMs to consider joining Royal Arch.

The Annual Report and Financials due to Grand Chapter were completed and submitted on 31 Jan 2017. Many thanks to diligent work by VEC Ron Coulter and the assistance provided in the review from EC Tom Mitchell and EC Robert Parmenter.

Hopefully, we can maintain our great attendance for the February Meeting (despite winters’ snowy blast).  I look forward to seeing you all.

Best Wishes and Fidelity.

EC Paul Philcox

1st. Principal

Tzouhalem #26

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