The meeting to plan the formation of Tzouhalem Chapter, No.26 was held on 26 October 1926 at 1087 Islay Street, the home of Charles William O’Neill.

Charles W. O'Neill's house at 1087 Islay Street, Duncan, B.C., as it appears today
Charles W. O’Neill‘s house at 1087 Islay Street, Duncan, B.C., as it appears today

Here are the Minutes of that meeting:

“On October 12, 1927 the following Companions of the Royal Arch Ex. Comps. [note: Companions] William Waldon, Donald E. Kerr, Robert M. Smith and Comps. Thomas Pitt, Andrew Peterson, Charles W. O’Neill, C.C. Young, Samuel Chapman, Stanley Gordon, N.G. Adams, J.L. Barber, Alex Dunbar and J.W. Currie, together with Rt. Ex. Comp. M.J. Little of Victoria, Past District Grand Superintendent, met at the home of Comp. C.W. O’Neill in Duncan.

On motion duly seconded Comp. C.W. O’Neill took the chair and explained the object of the meeting.

Motion by Comp. Thomas Pitt seconded by Comp. Andrew Peterson that a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons be formed in Duncan and that application be made to the Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter of British Columbia for a Dispensation. Carried.

Motion of Comp. J.W. Currie seconded by Ex. Comp. D.E. Kerr that the name of the new chapter be “Tzouhalem Chapter.” Carried.

Motion of Comp. A. H. Peterson seconded by Ex. Comp. Robert M. Smith that the regular Convocation be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Carried.

Motion of Comp. Thomas Pitt seconded by Ex. Comp. R.M. Smith that the Chapter fee by $5.00 and that each Comp. pay that fee now and in addition the sum of $10.00 which would be the equivalent of two years dues ($5 per year). Carried.

On motion of Ex. Comp. Kerr seconded by Comp. Thomas Pitt the following Companions were selected to be the Officers of the Chapter while under dispensation:

This concluding the business for which the meeting was called, it was adjourned.”


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